Where Do We Go From Here: Black Muslim Political Action

In the lead up to the presidential election, Sapelo Square published a series of short reflections by Black Muslims considering themes raised by Malcolm X in his famed speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet.” Their responses were diverse but one thing they all illustrated is that voting is not enough—that change only comes from sustained political action.

Building off that insight, ‘Where do we go from here?: Black Muslim Political Action’ is a conversation between five Black Muslim leaders, evaluating the political landscape under the new president in light of issues that concern Black Muslims in the United States.

This discussion identifies the possibilities and challenges we face and suggests what organizing around/responding to these issues of concern should look like in our current climate.

Mark Crain
Mark Crain

Mark is a co-founder with Linda Sarsour and Dustin Craun of MPower Change, a rapid response, digital campaigning organization serving the Muslim community, and is the project director for Dream of Detroit, a Muslim-led community development initiative on the westside of the city. Mark spends his days with the progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org, where he serves as Mobile Innovation Director and Senior Strategist.