We did it #ForAbdullah!

Your messages to the State Department made a difference! We’re celebrating after helping reunite a mother with her dying son.

Last night, Shaima Swileh landed at SFO after getting a waiver to the Muslim Ban.

While we won this victory, let’s be clear: Trump’s Muslim Ban had kept Shaima from saying goodbye to her dying child, and it will continue to keep our communities separated until it’s repealed once and for all.

As her husband, Ali Hassan, told CNN: “All families belong together. There is nobody that should be separated.”2

We need to build on this momentum. Let’s spread the word about this powerful story and double down on our calls to #RepealTheBan.

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We knew we could count on you, Leah. And now a family that should never have been separated in the first place will finally be reunited.

We’re so grateful to our partners at CAIR California, especially the Sacramento Valley chapter, who worked with the family to bring this case to light—and to all of you who signed, posted, and prayed for this family.

This victory shows the power of our grassroots movement and the deep immorality of the Trump administration and those who enable it.

Now that we’ve exposed their cruelty and the weakness of their position, let’s not stop. Let’s keep going until all families have a chance at being whole. Let’s end family detention and mass incarceration, abolish ICE, and repeal this immoral Muslim Ban, once and for all.

With this win and a new Congress being sworn in soon, momentum is on our side. Help share this message. 

Thank you again for your work in helping bring this family together for Abdullah’s final moments.

Mohammad Khan

Mohammad Khan is a campaigner and political organizer from Queens, NY. He’s currently the Campaign Director at MPower Change—the U.S.’s first digitally native grassroots Muslim organization—where he campaigns to organize Muslim communities and allies in the fight for justice for all people. His work focuses on transformative movement-based organizing and building the power of marginalized communities. Mohammad has worked across electoral, issue, and civic engagement campaigning and organizing in New York—from gubernatorial and City Council races to efforts including police reform, protecting public education, and exposing political corruption.