Congress: End U.S. Support for the War on Yemen

New bills were introduced in Congress to formally end U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen.

Legislation in the House and Senate (H.J.Res.37 and S.J.Res.7, respectively) will use Congress’s war powers to direct the removal of U.S. armed forces from hostilities in Yemen—and thanks to our campaign victories so far, it has a great change of passing.

We’re hitting the phones to get all of our Members of Congress on board so that we can bring these bills to a vote and get them passed as quickly as possible. Can you join in?

Call Congress here.

Top 5 MPower Change Victories of 2018

It’s been a long year. It’s been a full year. And it’s been a trying year.

But it’s also been a year of real victories, made possible by you. 2018 was a year when we were proud to stand together to fight for justice for all people.

We made a countdown list of our five proudest MPower Change moments this year—and if you’re looking to show a reminder of the signs of real hope for 2019, we’d humbly ask you to share it now.

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Here’s our list:

Top 5 MPower Change Victories of 2018

    • Helping successfully unite baby Abdullah with his mother—despite Trump’s Muslim Ban keeping them apart. When Shaima Swileh was kept from saying goodbye to her dying child by Trump’s Muslim Ban, MPower Change members leaped into action alongside partner organizations like CAIR California—all in the last few weeks of 2018. Our work can change lives directly—and next year, we’re going to demand that Congress #RepealTheBan, so that no other impacted family or community will have to suffer.
    • Our #MuslimsForDream civil disobedience action in Washington, DC, demanding a clean Dream Act. In March, MPower Change members and Muslim faith leaders held a sit-in at Paul Ryan’s congressional office, with our partners at United We Dream and Bend The Arc Jewish Action. We were proud to take action together—as Muslims, Jews, and people of various faiths—to demand protection for both the Dreamers specifically, and undocumented immigrants more broadly.
    • Helping to stop the Sinclair “Trump TV” Merger. With the guidance of invaluable partners like Free Press, MPower Change members submitted thousands of comments and made hundreds of phone calls, successfully pushing the FCC to deny Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s merger—a corporate media mega-merger which would’ve flooded even more U.S. TV sets with pro-Trump propaganda masquerading as local news.
    • Making history with a vote in the U.S. Senate to help stop the war on Yemen. MPower Change members lobbied Congress for months to put an end to U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. And in mid-December, the U.S. Senate made history by voting—for the first time ever—to direct the U.S. military to withdraw from hostilities. We still have a ways to go to end the conflict, but we’re that much closer thanks to our collective efforts.
    • Increasing Muslim voter turnout with #MyMuslimVote and #CallingAllMuslims. We worked with our national network of #MyMuslimVote partners and held the first-ever National Muslim Voter Registration Day—registering new voters at nearly 50 different events all over the U.S. We called close to 10,000 voters during our #CallingAllMuslims day of phonebanking. It was a year of seemingly unprecedented Muslim voter turnout—and we could not be more proud of the role we played making that happen.

There were some real, valuable movement moments this year. Let’s not forget them.

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Here’s why it matters so much:

Doing this work is not easy for anyone. It’s all too easy to burn out, and to lose sight of the wins and glimmers of real hope along the way.

It’s been an exhausting year for those who love justice. But it has not been a hopeless year. Let’s hold on to that, and let it give us the strength we need to keep pushing forward.

The secret sauce that keeps MPower Change humming? Our members, who show up on the ground, fund our work, and spread the word. Our members make what we do possible, and we truly hope you’re proud of that.

Let people know why you get involved. Spread the word now.

P.S. None of this work would’ve been possible without your support—and your funding. Before the year ends, will you sign up to be a MPower Change sustaining member for $5 a month in 2019?

We did it #ForAbdullah!

Your messages to the State Department made a difference! We’re celebrating after helping reunite a mother with her dying son.

Last night, Shaima Swileh landed at SFO after getting a waiver to the Muslim Ban.

While we won this victory, let’s be clear: Trump’s Muslim Ban had kept Shaima from saying goodbye to her dying child, and it will continue to keep our communities separated until it’s repealed once and for all.

As her husband, Ali Hassan, told CNN: “All families belong together. There is nobody that should be separated.”2

We need to build on this momentum. Let’s spread the word about this powerful story and double down on our calls to #RepealTheBan.

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We knew we could count on you, Leah. And now a family that should never have been separated in the first place will finally be reunited.

We’re so grateful to our partners at CAIR California, especially the Sacramento Valley chapter, who worked with the family to bring this case to light—and to all of you who signed, posted, and prayed for this family.

This victory shows the power of our grassroots movement and the deep immorality of the Trump administration and those who enable it.

Now that we’ve exposed their cruelty and the weakness of their position, let’s not stop. Let’s keep going until all families have a chance at being whole. Let’s end family detention and mass incarceration, abolish ICE, and repeal this immoral Muslim Ban, once and for all.

With this win and a new Congress being sworn in soon, momentum is on our side. Help share this message. 

Thank you again for your work in helping bring this family together for Abdullah’s final moments.

5 ways to show up for our Jewish family in the wake of the Tree of Life massacre

5 ways to show up for our Jewish family in the wake of the Tree of Life massacre:


  • Follow the lead of Jewish organizations nationally and in your community
  • Remember the victims by attending vigils. Volunteer if you’re able. Find one near you:
  • Donate to support the immediate needs of the community:
  • Recommit yourself to dismantling anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, no matter where you may find them. Download and read this:
  • Hold elected officials responsible for stoking anti-Semitism, white nationalism, and bigotry. Vote on November 6th.

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5 ways to show up for our Jewish Family

MPower Change Statement on the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting

MPower Change Statement on the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting

October 27, 2018

“MPower Change stands in solidarity with our Jewish family, especially the community in Pittsburgh, after today’s horrific shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

In the face of overwhelming hate, we choose unrelenting love and unity. We recommit ourselves to dismantling anti-Semitism and all forms of racism.

Places of worship are sanctuaries and all people should feel safe to practice their religion freely. We are horrified by this week’s string of anti-Semitic violence—first targeting a prominent Jewish philanthropist and now attacking congregants. We call on everyone, especially elected officials and political leaders, to take a stand against anti-Semitism and make clear that it has no place in our society. ”

– Linda Sarsour and the MPower Change team

#CallingAllMuslims – A National Day of Phonebanking on 11/1

Election Day is just a few days away—on Tuesday, November 6th.

Leading up to this crucial election, we need to make sure Muslim voters around the country are getting out to the polls!

On Thursday, November 1st, folks all across the U.S. are coming together for #CallingAllMuslims phone banks—bringing together people in their community to make phone calls to Muslim voters to get out the vote.

Will you join? Sign up here and we’ll get you information on an event in your area—or help you organize your own!

#CallingAllMuslims National Phonebank Day is brought to you by MPower Change, Emgage, and our local partners (list in formation).

#MyMuslimVote at ISNA

#MyMuslimVote at ISNA

The MPower Change team was in Houston, TX on Labor Day weekend for ISNA’s 55th Annual Convention!

We were all about getting out #MyMuslimVote. We did voter registration daily, and signed up many new partners to take the efforts to their own cities! 


If you stopped by our table, or took a walk around the bazaar, you would have seen hundreds of people wearing #MyMuslimVote buttons!

Our Executive Director Linda Sarsour reminded everyone about why this year is so important for Muslims. She also highlighted how now – more than ever – we need to stand on the side of the oppressed and stand for justice.

Our Organizing Director Ishraq Ali relayed the importance of building relational power with people in our mosques in order to effectively get out the Muslim Vote.


Our Organizing Manager Kifah Shah was everywhere during the convention – from our table, to the bazaar, to the sessions – reminding people to check their voter registration status, and signing up folks to bring #MyMuslimVote to their schools and centers.